02 September 2015

From Head to Toe

Today I have a couple completed projects to show you. These were made previously to my Christmas to-do list so they don't come off the total projects needed to be done for Christmas.  Starting with the head, we have a watch cap for a man.

I love, love this pattern. The first few times I made it, I didn't care for it. I got confused and lost a few times. Now, it is an easy-peasy pattern to make and follow. Next time, I will make a modification because the hat seemed a bit too snug. Here's the pattern. Some help with seaming up the back is on this video. In this video it looks like she may have ended with row 4 instead of 5. I have done it both ways and either way seems to work and look okay. If you like the traditional look in men's winter hats then this pattern may be the one for you.

Down to the toes: there's no surprise when I add another pair of slippers to my completed projects. These are pretty popular and I love making them.

This is all for now folks. Take care and have a great day.