06 February 2012

Flower for Slippers

Flower for Slippers

Small enough amounts of 2 colors of yarn (known as color A and B)
G Hook (I crochet loosely so you may want to try a different hook size)
Yarn needle

*With color A chain 5 then connect with a slip stitch
*Chain 1 (this is considered a sc), then do hcd, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sc
*Then do 4 sets of sc, hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sc
*You will now have 5 petals on your flower. Fasten off.
*With color B, chain 10
*In 2nd stitch after hook, sc. Then sc in remainder of chains to end (9 sc)
*Fasten off and leave about a 8 inch tail
*With tail, weave in and out of top of all sc.
* Pull tight and sew ends together (sort of like closing a smushed-up circle. Now it should look like the center of a flower (bowl shape).
*Sew center of flower to the middle of the flower’s petals.
You can use the ends to sew it to your slippers or other project.

I hope this pattern is understandable; if it’s not, just let me know and I’ll revise it.

I will get a better picture later on.

Actually Finished 1 of My Small Projects

I finally finished 1 of the 3 small projects I recently started. Today's show and tell is a pair of slippers. I modified the pattern I normally make most of my slippers out of and added a flower. I couldn't find a flower pattern that I liked making so I created my own. If anyone is interested in the flower design, I'll type it up and post it. Thanks for looking!

Pattern for the slipper is here. I did modify the cuff.

Monday's Link to a Free Crochet Pattern (06 February 2012)

Here's an interesting pattern for a pair of crocheted slippers. It's made out of granny squares. I'm making a similar pair but the pair I'm making uses 6 same-sized squares. I'm going to try this pattern when I wrap up what I presently have on my hook. Hope you enjoy!