27 June 2012

Faux Tie Dye Using Permanent Markers

When Leslie spent a few days with us last week, I wanted to make something with her that she would enjoy and would use too. Unfortunately for me, she's not interested in learning to crochet.  I found many online postings about tie-dying with sharpie markers. So, off to the store we went for an assortment of sharpie markers and a plain-white, 100% cotton t-shirt. The plain, adult sized t-shirts were rather pricey at Michaels so we went to Burkes Outlet and found a very nice one (Cherokee brand) for $4.99. Here's a couple pictures showing the artist and her creation:

Leslie wasn't into making "symmetrical" designs but that's okay too.

Here she is modeling her new shirt:

Papaw saw us having fun doing this and he brought out an old t-shirt of his to have us make designs on:

A couple sites we looked at before making these were:

You can get a nice set of sharpies here:

Any permanent marker would probably work if you don't want to use sharpies.