10 August 2015

A Couple More Dishcloths

I've been in a dishcloth making mood lately. My dear daughter-in-law mentioned that she liked some of the dishcloths I've made her in the past. She was planning to use them as doilies. So, I decided to try a couple different dishcloth patterns and give them to her. 

The first dishcloth is called "Frilly Dishcloth." When I was looking it up again, I found it is listed in more than one place on the Internet. Here are 2 links for it:

  1. http://inkyrat.typepad.com/files/frillydishclothdoily-1.pdf
  2. http://web.archive.org/web/20071113032718/http://www.geocities.com/crochetrat/frillydishcloth.html

Just several minutes ago I finished the 2nd dishcloth. This one is a bit more detailed to make. The pattern, Buttercup Dishcloth, is a bit confusing because there is little repetition in the last few rows and I ended up writing them out and crossing out the sets of stiches as I did them. It is a pretty dishcloth though but in normal situations I probably won't make it just to wash dishes and counters with.

Pattern citation:
Davis De Herraiz, Elisabeth. "Buttercup Dishcloth." Crochet World, June 2015, 10-11.

I'm packing these away to give to my dil as part of her Christmas present this year. She doesn't read my blog so I don't have to worry about her finding out. SSSSHHHHH don't tell her though!

And this is all I have for today. Take care....