04 April 2016

Crochet Updates

Yep, more dishcloths but also a hat and scarf set too. Here we go!

More chrysanthemum dishcloths:

Flower power dishcloths:

Hat and scarf set:

The yarn I used here is a reflective yarn

I don't have a pattern per se. I found a hat pattern that I thought I liked but when I tried to make it, the pattern did not match up with the pictures that the designer showed. I ended up basing my creation partially on the pattern and partially on my imagination. The scarf is based on another pattern. Yep, you're right, a dishcloth pattern that I modified to create the scarf.

 That's all for now folks!



"C" is for Casper the Friendly Ghost

I am having a hard time coming up with things for these blog posts. Hmmm, I even googled "words that start with C." Crochet would have been an obvious choice for my blog but I wanted to be a little less predictable. Here's what I've come up with for today's post--Casper the Friendly Ghost! Casper is another of those things from my childhood that brings back happy time memories of watching the ol' black and white television set that you had to physically turn the dial to change channels because remote controls didn't exist. Even though many of these cartoons are in color, people back in the old days didn't run out and get the newest gadgets until the old ones broke and were beyond repair. I hope you enjoy these Casper videos.