06 April 2009

On 06 April 774, Charles the Great Affirms Promise of Quiercy

On this day in 774 Charles the Great affirms Pepin the Short's promise of Quiercy. OK, that's nice but who the heck is Charles the Great and what is Pepin's promise of Quiercy??? You may have heard of Charles the Great by his other moniker--Charlemagne. The Medieval Sourcebook gives a little more information about him that you may be interested in. Pepin (also spelled Pippin) was Charles the Great's father. Anyway, Pepin's promise of Quiercy was to restore to the Catholic church some lands in Central Italy. Pepin did not have these lands, they had to be taken from their conquerors before this could be done. The New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia has a good article about this. Scroll down the page to "Intervention of the Franks Formation of the States of the Church" to read about this event.