12 November 2014

Yarn Storage Update

You may remember when I posted pictures of the new closet hubby built for my yarn storage. This bedroom didn't have a closet after a previous renovation project so technically this room wasn't considered a bedroom until the closet was added. Anyway, I have quite a bit of my yarn loaded up in the new closet and I still don't have enough room for my stash. Here's a look at my restowed stash.
Yarn stowed in new double-door closet.

No room in the closet for this. I also have more stash in the old craft room.

We are swapping the old guest room and the craft room around. The room you are seeing is will be the new craft room. Probably won't be able to finish this until next spring when we get back from our winter roost.

Presently, things are a bit chaotic. Boxes need to be loaded in the truck as well as a small table and chairs. Futon for the guest room will have to wait until next year because we still have to renovate the guest room in our snowbird nest. Here's some of the stuff to take down South that is crowding my new, soon-to-be craftroom.

Stay warm my friends.