18 March 2014

Another Hat and a Scarf

Here's a couple more projects I did on vacation. Here's another of the hats I seem to be fond of. This one I used yarn I had picked up at a thrift store. It was $2 for the colors I used plus a few almost complete skeins of baby yarns.

For a little variety, I made a scarf. I had used this pattern one other time and liked it. I seem to fall back to the familiar things and sometimes have to talk myself into leaving my comfort zone and trying different patterns. 

Recovering from the upper respiratory infection that I became laid up with virtually as soon as we got back to Kentucky; I noticed that my fingers stiffened up but after a little bit of crocheting they loosened up and felt ok again. Crochet-- a stress reducer and a great boon for arthritic hands too!

Take care everyone!


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