01 December 2016

Assembling a Lapghan

When I was digging in my yarn warehouse (aka craft room), I found a complete set of squares for a lapghan. I forgot about them when I was laid up with my back and husband tossed them in the yarn warehouse. They became an out of sight and out of mind kind of thing. I was happy to find them because I really needed some variety in my crocheting after making a mountain of slippers.

To assemble the squares I crochet them together by single crocheting on the "right" side. I lay them out on the dining room table to establish a layout. I join all the rows going in the same direction first. Sometimes my back feels scrunched up and with my table being one of the counter height ones, I am able to stand up, lean over it and in effect stretch it out and continue working. When I feel like sitting, I can do that too by folding over a joined row to move the "working row" closer to me and joining the next one. Here's a look at my setup:

I hope you are enjoying the season and staying warm. Happy holidays to all.