20 March 2011

Added New Link for Another Round Afghan Pattern

There is a pretty new free pattern for a round ripple afghan at JR Crochet Designs. It is a beautiful variation on the round ripple. Why don't you go on over to her place and check it out... Under the header for my blog is a link to a page full of links to free patterns for round afghans. I have added this pattern and it is listed under today's date. Have fun and I hope that if you make of of these afghans you will either blog about it or send a link to me so that I can go see your pictures. I love the round afghans and can't get enough of looking at them and seeing how others adapt the patterns and use different color combinations. Have fun y'all...

What Do You Look for in a Blog?

When I read blogs and intend to follow them, I look at several things. The first thing is subject matter--does it interest me? Does the writer talk down to the readers or is she even friendly? Is the blog just a "store front" for etsy or other sales venue? Let me explain what I mean.

Subject matter--that should be pretty much self explanatory. The vast majority of the blogs I read are about crocheting. The authors post pictures of their finished projects and usually post what patterns the project was made with. I also enjoy blogs that are about being thrifty--within reason--I may make my own laundry soap but I'm not going to grow my own coffee beans :).

Authors who talk down to their readers. I don't mind if you mention that you have certain talents or educational background. Just don't be a bragger--it is boring to hear someone go on and on about how great they are. Be friendly with how you present yourself and also realize that your way of doing something isn't the only way.

There have been a few blogs that I've read a few times but decided not to continue with because the majority of the posts were illustrations of what was for sale on etsy, ebay or other online store. No matter how cute your blog is, I'm not going to be a "regular" there. You may be saying, "but Sharon Marie, you have adsense ads and Amazon ads on your blog." Yes, that is true but if you notice, I am not selling anything in my posts.

I had been following a couple decorating blogs. They were all about "my house, me, me, me" and I stopped following them. I enjoy reading about your adventures in decorating and commiserating with you over the difficulty in selecting paint colors but when it appears to be a bragging book about what you have then I'm not interested, sorry... Don't care to read blogs that are largely used to promote businesses or products. If I want to read ads, I'll google whatever it is that I'm looking for.

Also appreciate bloggers who ask my opinion. There is no way that I can leave comments for every post I read but I certainly do read the posts on the blogs I follow and often I leave comments when the poster asks a question of the reader--if I have some ideas about the subject matter.

Nothing has happened recently and I'm not upset with anyone or any blog. I just thought it might be interesting to post what I look at before I decided to follow a blog. I follow over 200 blogs (many haven't posted in months so I'm not reading all of them everyday) and I wanted to open a discussion to see what others look for in blogs they follow. So what do you think? What are your ideas? Maybe this discussion can help us improve our blogs... Hope y'all are having a grand weekend. Hugs...

ps--I know that I have to work on being "friendlier" here. I have "people" issues that I'm working on and I do appreciate all of you who visit me here.