22 November 2008

Kitchen Appliances Go Kaput

This week I was reading on one of my favorite websites and a lady wrote in that when a kitchen appliance dies that you should beware that it usually happens in 3s. Well, I'm almost there. This week, the door on the dishwasher wouldn't open. Finally, it did and a small piece of plastic popped out onto the floor. Luckily (I guess) it is still under warranty. We bought it in December last year. OK, repairman was here this morning and he has ordered parts and will be back in a week to install them.

Appliance #2, the microwave, started making a grinding noise reminiscent of a rock tumbler! I decided it might not be wise to use it (duh, ya think?? lol). We happened to mention it to the repairman and he said that it would be better to get a new one. DH is on the way to Lowes to pick-up one that is on sale. Folks, we are spoiled. I have been totally at a disadvantage this week with meal prep. I really admire my mom and other ladies who managed to put three hot squares on the table everyday and did it with only the ol' kitchen stove.

The repairman did give us a few helpful hints about maintaining our dishwasher. He said that no matter if your dishwasher has a built-in garbage disposal or not, never put dishes in that have food chunks stuck to them. He said that the commercials that show someone putting a cake in the washer to demonstrate its effectiveness will cause the pump to bog down and end up costing the consumer for repairs or replacement. Another good hint was to every now and then run a cup of bleach through an empty washer to kill germs and molds that grow in all dishwashers because the drainpipes contain water that breeds these evils. The third tip he gave was to help minimize the build-up of minerals on the heating element, every now and then run the dishwasher (empty) with a cup of vinegar in the bottom. It's the same principal as using vinegar to clean a coffee maker. Hope these hints and my rambling on has given you some good advice or entertainment! Hugs to all of you...