20 March 2009

Chatting About Some Crochet Things

I've seen some very cute crochet things for babies. Some of them I would be a little bit leery of having around babies. Those cute stuffed animals or amigurami could be hazardous to babies if there are little plastic doodads like buttons sewn on them. Babies put just about everything imaginable in their mouths--even their toes! When buttons go into babies mouth, there is a chance that the button will come off and the baby swallow it. Maybe not the first time but on a subsequent time when the thread holding the button on has weakened. I believe it is much better to embroider eyes and other features on these toys for babies.

Most crocheters know that it is not a very good idea to make potholders or hot pads out of acrylic yarn. This yarn will melt if it is exposed to heat. One thing I've seen lately on some projects are plastic eyes used on character hot pads. These too will melt not only messing up the cute crocheted item but also quite possibly getting stuck on one of your nice pots leaving you with lots of scrubbing to do in order to salvage the pot.

Did I do any of these things I've talked about? I'm embarassed to admit that I made a potholder out of acrylic yarn and well, the inevitable happened and it partially melted and stuck to a pot! Yick!

I've wondered about hats that don't cover the ears. They really don't warm you up or keep you warm.

Update on my crocheting: I put aside the afghan for the day. I started and am almost finished making a pair of slippers for a df who is going into the hospital. I haven't told her yet so maybe she won't check out my blog and I can still surprise her. I'll finish them tomorrow and try to get them in mail tomorrow or Saturday morning. Once she gets them I'll post a picture for you. Here's the pattern I'm using. I'm using one strand of black (Caron 1 pounder) and one of a bright coral (a "vintage" find). The picture shows you the colors.

This is it for now. Hugs to all....