25 August 2011

Update on Our Troublesome Neighbor Situation

In this post, I told you about the distress we feel from our one neighbor who literally stalks us with his camera when we're outside. He's taken pictures of me early in the morning when I opened my front door to my son and I was wearing my robe. He calls the police if a car is hanging an inch or 2 over the sidewalk when it is in our drive and well, you've probably read the other post so you know what we've been going through with him the last couple of years. Tonight, our other neighbor called the police on "goofy" because there was a car hanging over goofy's driveway. Of course, by the time the police got there, the car was gone. Anyway, the latest development is that goofy has a camera aimed out of his window, at our house round the clock the last couple of days. We've been advised by the police officer to go to the county attorney. He didn't know for sure if we had any recourse but the county attorney might be able to help us someway. Maybe since the police were called on him, he'll settle down. We'll see; otherwise we may have to take some legal action.