15 March 2020

Guess Who Is Back? --> ME!

I am a slow poke about posting but I am finally back. A project that I started before my couple year lose of crochet mojo is finished. Also finished is a beautiful throw in awesome fall colors.

I left some of the fins off because I thought they would interfere with the user's comfort. I am not happy with how mine turned out but I will probably make another one in the future to see if I can improve on the first one. This was a major ufo (unfinshed object) for a couple years after Dad died and I really had a hard time picking up my crochet hooks until just before last Christmas.

Next is a beautiful throw. I am in love with the fall colors of this. The yarn is one of Lion Brand's Mandala colors.The pattern called for worsted weight but this yarn is dk weight. To compensate for the "thinner" yarn, I used a smaller hook and made several additional rounds to keep it adult size.  I gave this to a great friend I've had since high school (I am 63). Here are the pictures:

Suggestions about making this throw. I recommend that you keep a pad of paper handy to make notes on. The main thing I found out about this was that it was easy to have the stitch count off. I did much recounting and sometimes the count was off because I got distracted or once in a while it was really off and I didn't know why so I would frog a bit and do it over. This would usually take care of it but one time, I had to throw an extra stitch in on a side. 

I have a few more projects to show you but I will post later on. 

Please stay safe and don't take any chances with the corona virus especially if you have other health risks. It's a great time to pick up your crochet hooks and put them to use.

Hugs and best wishes to all.....