20 April 2011

New Craft Light

I've wanted an Ott light for quite some time. Lots of folks swear by them. I did get a light, but not an Ott--too expensive for my budget. Here's what I got on sale for $7.50 regularly $19.97:

Light is adjustable--move it up or down, tilt or move side to side. Works great when dh is watching tv because it doesn't put too much light in the room but rather where I want it to go. This isn't where I'm keeping it, I just put it here so you wouldn't see the clutter on my side of the couch--lol!


  1. Love the light, what a great idea also. Thats a real nice price you got it for also :o)

  2. I wasn't even looking for a light when I found this. It was on an endcap at Walmart and only 2 were left. This is one of my better impulse buys. :)


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