30 July 2010

Lotsa Fun on Vacation...

On July 14th, I went to California to visit some friends. The first stop was to visit a friend in Antioch. I hadn't seen this friend in person since we were in high school back in the 70s! The 2nd friend, has been a friend since 1980.  I met her when I was in the Navy. I only have a few true friends and it is great to have had them for such a long time. My time with them was too short even though I missed my husband and the chis.  Wish dh would have gone with me but he refuses to fly since 911.  Here is a slide show to see a little bit of my trip. For some reason my photos came out blurry and I apologize for that.  Usually my camera takes good pics.

Did you notice that I'm in some of the pictures?  That's a very, very rare occurrence and won't be repeated anytime soon--LOL!

Note:  My friends are as bad as me--we don't like our pictures taken.  So, I switched out a few of  the pictures on the slide show they told me had to GO!  This is take 3 so unless one of us objects to some of the pictures again, this should be it :)