16 March 2010

Magic Ball Afghan is Finished!

Finally, I am finished with this magic ball afghan!  I told my dh that it was for him and the chis when they snooze in the recliner.  Here is dh showing off the afghan and trying to hide at the same time.  Hey Sweetie, your head is showing lol!  OK, I'll stop jabbering and post the picture:

Today's Mixed Bag

I went into the spare bedroom (aka yarn warehouse) to look for some yarn that I had bought at Dollar Tree a while back.  I got a bit side-tracked in my search when I found a couple dishcloths I had made and just needed to weave in the loose ends.  I quickly did that and took some pictures to post here for you.  So here they are...
I remember doing this from a pattern in a book I have.  I can't remember what book it was though! I really like to post the source of patterns I use so that my readers and I have a reference to it.

This dishcloth is alternating rows of single crochet and double crochet.  The edging is a picot edging.
We have a small pond in the back yard that is stocked with goldfish.  Every spring we give it a thorough cleaning and water change. It is usually filled with all sorts of debris such as leaves and small twigs.  It has been a big chore to clean out.  My dh came up with a good idea to make this job easier.  He built a frame out of 2x4 wood and covered it with screen material that I was able to get cheap when it was marked down last fall.  He put the cover over the pond last fall and just recently removed it.  Now,the pond's spring cleaning has been simplified!
Here are the fish happily swimming in the clean pond a few years ago.  The fish are much bigger now.  Here is  an idea if koi are too expensive for your pond budget...we used feeder fish that I got 8 for a dollar at a local pet store!
Another view of the pond.  The white rock is a piece of coral we brought back from Hawaii when we were stationed there.
Here is the cover dh made for the pond.