09 April 2010

So What Have I Been Crocheting Lately?

For a while, I haven't posted much on my crochet projects.  There is a reason for that.  The first reason is that I finished a dishcloth and I promised you no more dishcloths for a while.  Honestly, I forgot I had this one almost completed in the bottom of my purse!  You know, it's what I call one of my "purse projects!"  So, here it is:

I've also been making a bunch of granny squares out of burgundy and assorted gray yarns to assemble into a throw for a chair in my living room.  The chair's upholstery is rather blah and I think a nice throw will give it a little pizazz.  Since the yarn is all coming from my stash I haven't had to spend money on this project.  Last fall, the gray yarn was a great buy at only 50 cents a skein at Goodwill!  The burgundy was a mill ends I had gotten sometime ago.  Guess I'm just jabbering away a lot here so I'll just hush-up and post a picture of the squares:

Finally, a sneak peek at another wip (work in progress). Of course, I'll post a completed project sometime soon.  Any guesses on what this might be?  I'm using a 2nd color but I'm not showing that until I'm finished with this project.

Y'all have a great day!  Hugs...Sharon