13 April 2011

The Lilac that Started as a Twig...

When we moved here back in '02, my uncle gave us some small bits from the roots of lilac bushes. I planted them and only one took and grew into a beautiful little bush. It's in bloom now and I can smell the sweet scent when I walk close to it.


  1. I like the smell of lilacs too. What a pity that the only one is blooming. I hardly wait the season of lilac because here are so lots of them and the most I love walking in the city while the smell of lilacs spreads everywhere. Now I can admire only magnolia trees which are full blooming here now. I sent you spring greetings :)

  2. I love the scent of Lilacs. What joy this must give you to have watched this bloom so beautifully from a twig.

  3. We had a magnolia tree when we first moved here but it became damaged by a storm and had to be cut down. I do have an old lilac in the backyard that is just starting to bloom. The flowers are like a blessing that come every year after the cold, dreary winters.


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