11 October 2009

Been Busy Lately

Life has been a bit hectic lately. This past week school has been on fall break so I haven't subbed any. I had to clear out my big walk-in closet (6' x 18') because my very talented younger son has been constructing build-in storage for me. YIPPEE, no more wire shelves that fall down! I will post pictures for you when it is finished. The construction is done except for the installation of 2 hanging bars. Justin designed it and did most of the construction himself with a little assistance from dh and a good friend of ours who has done finish carpentry in the Hamptons prior to relocating to KY. The pictures are before images. You can see in the one picture where the one wire shelf had fallen down. I had so much junk in the closet but was only able to "give up" one large boxful of "treasures." Sigh....I am such a hoarder.

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