25 January 2020

A Smidgen Challenging

Granddaughter of my heart has a half-sister who is going to be a mom in the spring. I decided to take the time and try something a little challenging to make a baby blanket even though I don't know her. I made Gigi's Block Party Blanket (go about 1/3 down the page) rounds 1-50. I found that with this pattern, I had to keep count because somehow I would drop a stitch or add a stitch and my count would be off. This is a beautiful pattern. Although, I do have a bit of a complaint about the pattern. After a good start, the pattern stops adding totals of the various stitches  such as popcorn after a while. My insecurities with working a new pattern go into over drive. The other problem I noted was that the pattern would tell you to repeat a previous round and going to that round, the instructions would say to follow instructions for yet another round. This was frustrating for sure but I will probably make this pattern again because of how beautiful it is. I kept a notebook handy to jot down notes to keep track of where I was in the pattern and other important data.

The yarn I used was Caron Cakes in the cherry chip color. This is a very pretty yarn and easy to work with. I was fortunate to get a deal on it at Michaels when I bought 2, I got 1 free. I used a little more than 3 cakes.