22 December 2010

Still Not Ready for Christmas; Made a Plan!

Christmas seems to creep up on me every year and before I know it the day is about here and I'm not ready. Some sad things have happened close to Christmas in years past and I have to give myself a virtual kick in my backside (virtual because I'm not in very good shape!) and remind myself that life has been very good to me and that there have been so many more special Christmases and only a few sad/bad ones will not tarnish other Christmases--besides that I really have many, many blessings in my life and memories of tons of happy Christmases (decided "tons" was an appropriate word--tons of food, presents and that sort of thing). All the pretty decorations, projects, foods, trees and other neat stuff folks in blogland have posted are motivating me and making me feel a wee bit ashamed of myself for not being ready yet. So, here's the to-do list:

To-Do List
1. Gifts--Shopped for 1st time yesterday! Got all the gifts except 1 1/2! Need to finish crocheting dog crate cover for grand-doggies! Only need to finish-up sewing the pieces together and then weave in an almost infinite amount of yarn ends.
2. Tree--This year we got a "real" tree. Real as in planted in a pot and ready to be put in the ground. Need to decorate and it should only take 1/2 hour at most :). I chuckled when I first saw it and told dh that I hoped one of our strands of lights was SMALL enough lol!
3. Run to grocery store for just a couple items.
4. Bake some cookies. The big day's meal will be at mil's house so I don't have that to worry about that.
5. Misc crochet projects--If it ain't done by now it ain't gonna get done.

1. Get my rear off this chair in front of the computer and get moving!
2. Get the tree decorated and bake cookies today
3. Tomorrow I have an appointment with doc so while I'm in town, go to grocery store and get the last of the gift shopping done.
4. Friday night--make hot chocolate and eat cookies while wrapping presents.
5. The next few evenings, finish up grand-doggies crate cover while watching the tv with dh.

Sounds easy-peasy so that's my plan and I'm sticking to it! 

Hugs to all of you and yours and may your holidays be joyous....