10 August 2011

It's A Tomatoful Day!

Today I harvested 2 large containers of tomatoes from my garden. I had planned on making sauce out of them tomorrow.

Then, my mil came over and was telling me that where she volunteers, there were 2 boxes of tomatoes that no one was using and were starting to go bad. Of course, I said "I'll take them."

 I brought them home, sorted, cut out bad spots and many ended up in the mulch pile. After I whirled the good tomatoes around in my food processor, I ended up having to start cooking them down in the bottom to my pressure canner PLUS I filled my largest stock pot 1/2 way with more sauce. The weird thing about my freebie tomatoes is the color. The color resembles the color of Kraft macaroni and cheese. Once the 2 pots can be combined into 1 then maybe the color will be a little better. Getting all the tomatoes ready to cook took me almost 2 hours. I don't know why so long....Guess I'm getting slower in my old age. :)  I'm looking forward to using this sauce in my homemade spaghetti sauce this fall.

That's my day today.

Hope everyone is staying cool and having a great week.  Hugs...