03 February 2009

Ice Storm

Here are some pictures of the ice storm we just went through. The white "blobs" on some pictures are actually snowflakes. We were without power from January 28th at 3 something in the morning until February 2nd about 9pm. Most of the pictures were taken from my yard except for a few of the later ones were at my mil's house. Many, many trees and powerlines snapped from the weight of ice on them. Son Matthew didn't lose power and son Justin lost his for a couple days but he has a wood burning stove that he uses for heat so his major problem was not having lights or working refrigerator. We lucked out with our freezer being in the unheated garage and we didn't lose as much food as we could have. The only heat we had was from our gas fireplace. I had amassed a bunch of candles so we did ok with light too. WARNING these pictures are COLD so BRRRRR lol!