16 December 2010

Date with the Angels: A Christmas Episode ca 1957

Here is a Christmas episode from an old sitcom called Date with the Angels (1957-1958). Angel is the surname of a young couple--the wife is none other than Betty White! If I'm not mistaken, Nancy Kulp aka Miss Jane Hathaway of Beverly Hillbillies fame is also in this episode. This story illustrates the lesson that kindness to others brings happiness to one's self. Hope y'all enjoy...

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A Date With the Angels, Vol. 1

Crazy Weather

The schools around here are shut down for the day and businesses have delayed openings. Whew, must have been a heck of a big snow storm! Nope, not at all. There may have been a little dusting of snow (I didn't see any) but what we did get was an ice coating on everything! Son #1s plumbing froze at his house and he wanted a ride over here to use the shower before work this afternoon. I walked out my front door to go to my car and I slid on my fanny! Don't worry, I have a "plush" fanny and wasn't hurt--but decided that he could be a little stinker for the day ;).
Looks wet but it's ice. (This part of the porch is new and can't be painted until spring so that's why it's 2-toned)

See what I mean about ice on everything?

Sending all my friends a virtual hot chocolate!!!
Ooops, there's a bag of ufo projects in the corner! lol!