28 August 2015

Shades of Blue Chevron Scarf

Here's a scarf to go with the hat that I made for a Christmas gift. I used worsted weight yarn but  I've made this scarf before in homespun and it is a wide scarf that is nice to wear in the house to ward off the chill and not have to turn the heat up. The pattern is here.

Signs of fall are in the air. A few leaves have fallen from the tree. It is getting dark much earlier too. Soon, winter coats will be coming out and snowbirds will be migrating south. I made a sweater for my son's furbaby and I hope to see him soon to try the sweater on the little one. I still need to sew a few buttons on it. I would like to get a picture of the little guy wearing the sweater to post for you.  I used leftover yarn from this scarf to make it. I need to make an effort to go visit him soon. He's such a busy man, not only is he busy because of work and family but he is always doing missions around town with his church.

I can see my tendency to ramble on is starting to kick in so I'll bid you adieu for now.


Crochet Chevron and Ripple Afghans