26 December 2016

A Couple Hat and Scarf Sets

Didn't want to share these with you until after Christmas. We had a quiet Christmas. Husband, his mom, son #1 and I had Christmas dinner together. Husband did a nice thing for my Christmas. I had lost the diamond in my engagement ring and he had it replaced as well as re-enameling the lettering on my Hawaiian wedding band and a Keurig coffee maker. Back to the subject of crochet, here's a couple hat and scarf sets. One is for a young lady and one is for a gentleman. Here's a look at a few pictures.

I used the Drops Pattern called Broadway with the addition of a flower.

I love the yarn I used to make the red white and blue scarf. It is a Red Heart yarn called Americana. I made this scarf using the granite stitch aka moss stitch so there wasn't a pattern. I know many people use this stitch for color pooling but I haven't had much luck with it but I like the texture of the finished product when using this stitch with most yarns.

This gray hat is what was called a watch cap when I was in the navy. This pattern calls it a seafarers cap. 

This scarf is made the same way as the red, white and blue scarf. In real life, I didn't notice the argyle-like design; looks like I might have had an inadvertent color-pooling success.

This is it for now. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.



21 December 2016

Stockpiling a Few Pairs of Slippers

I have enough slippers made for Christmas gifts this year but I made a few extra pairs because I never know when I will need some additional pairs for unexpected or last minute gifting. Here's a look at the ones I am stockpiling.

If you've been here before, you probably already have the link to the pattern for these because they are one of the most frequently made items here at Sharon's Eclectic Retreat. For the newbies, here's the pattern's link

Hope y'all are keeping toasty warm. Happy holiday season.


17 December 2016

Shades of Purple--Hat and Scarf

Last night, I finished a hat and scarf set for my neighbor. It's her birthday party tonight and even though I'm having problems with my leg and won't be going, I wanted to send her a little something to help wish her a happy birthday.

Here's some pictures--

I made the hat a little "slouchy" and added several rows to the scarf to make it wider. Another change I did was I made the fringe with 1 strand of yarn at the end of each row. I included the end of the row yarn changes in the fringe and that way I had zero ends to weave in.

Pattern info:
Have a great weekend.

10 December 2016

Scrap Lapghan Finished

Not too long ago, I showed you the squares I had laid out to sew into another lapghan to donate to a local veterans home. It is completed now and I think it turned out nice. In this one, I exclusively used scraps and partial skeins and the ones I used were to complement the color of a couple squares that had some I Love This Yarn in camo color.

Hugs to all...


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04 December 2016

Another Lapghan in the Works

Getting ready to assemble another lapghan. I am making these from a ton of leftover scrap yarn  for the veterans home that is opening in our town. Currently they are scheduled to open after the first of the year--at least a year behind schedule. This lapghan is exclusively out of scraps the colors loosely coordinating with the camo colored yarn in a few squares.

Enjoy the season and stay warm!


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03 December 2016

A Different Take on Santa's Hat

Santa wanted a different look for his casual hat hence the tweedy and soft white of the hat in this picture. I have made this hat in traditional Christmas colors many times and enjoy the ease of this pattern. I do like the look of this one; it reminds me of the stocking hats that were so popular in my childhood.

Seasons greetings to all,


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02 December 2016

Another Lapghan Finished

This is another lapghan for the donation stash. This is the one I was talking about yesterday. It is made partially out of leftover yarn and some new too. I used solid grannies to make this.



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01 December 2016

Assembling a Lapghan

When I was digging in my yarn warehouse (aka craft room), I found a complete set of squares for a lapghan. I forgot about them when I was laid up with my back and husband tossed them in the yarn warehouse. They became an out of sight and out of mind kind of thing. I was happy to find them because I really needed some variety in my crocheting after making a mountain of slippers.

To assemble the squares I crochet them together by single crocheting on the "right" side. I lay them out on the dining room table to establish a layout. I join all the rows going in the same direction first. Sometimes my back feels scrunched up and with my table being one of the counter height ones, I am able to stand up, lean over it and in effect stretch it out and continue working. When I feel like sitting, I can do that too by folding over a joined row to move the "working row" closer to me and joining the next one. Here's a look at my setup:

I hope you are enjoying the season and staying warm. Happy holidays to all.


29 November 2016

Slipper Mountain

My stockpile of slippers has been depleted so I have been busy making some for Christmas gifts. Here's my little mountain of them.

Closer look--

We're leaving for Florida late this year and I am freezing even though our temps have only dipped into the freezing zone a few times. My toes are like icicles and that's probably because I have Hashimoto's thyroid condition that has a symptom of cold feet; slippers come in handy.

Sending you all happy thoughts for a wonderful holiday season.

Stay warm!


20 November 2016

A "Batch" of Completed Projects--

I have had these projects finished for a couple weeks and have just  now gotten around to taking pictures and posting them. These are for a special person and I don't care if this person reads about them before receiving or not because this person deserves a smile on their face and I hope the anticipation of receiving these things will bring one on. This person has always been special to me and I don't know how to emphasize it enough so I decided to crochet some things. Crocheters know, that when you work on projects for your loved ones, you are infused with love and good thoughts and wishes for that person. I definitely wouldn't spend my evenings for several weeks working on something for someone I didn't care for. Okay, enough rambling on. Here's the pictures and pattern links.

0-980 Carmel by DROPS Design:

Scarf for man made with granite stitch: This yarn isn't quite right for color pooling but the design is unique and I like it.

The yarn I used for these projects (except for slippers) is I Love This Yarn in "Camo" and "Dark Olive."  For the slippers I used 1 strand of the camo and 1 strand of "Lace" by Caron One Pounder. This is all for now. I still have more finished projects to post but I will save those for later.

Bless all,