14 October 2010

For the Kitchen...

I just finished crocheting a few kitchen things and I thought I'd make one post instead of several.  The pattern for the dishcloths is based on the Granny Mandala tutorial and the towel ring is from this pattern.  OK, now that I have the pattern information out of the way, here's the pictures...!

Nice red dishcloth.  Nice for washing dishes on Christmas.

Pretty pink, red and white variegated yarn

Crisp fall color for this hanging towel and dishcloth matching set
I like the edging on this dishcloth best.
I just used a 5DC shell stitch without any other stitches in between.
I'm thinking of stockpiling these and maybe do a craft show next year.  Do you think they'll sell?  I'd bundle the 2 dishcloths with another in similar color that I made and do the matching hanging towel and dishcloth as a set.  Am I crazy or would these sell?  I'd have to get really busy if I want to do it.