02 October 2016

Bunches of Finished Projects

I'm feeling better now, just have to use a cane when I walk around stores and places like that. my back went out and I've been told I have degenerative arthritis, stenosis and degenerative disk disease--and they're all the same thing and it depends on who you talk to what it's called. I had a visiting nurse, occupational therapist and a physical therapist come to the house for a month. It was pretty frustrating to be laid up for so long and depend on husband for everything including bathing. He was a great nurse, just a little too over protective. You hear so much about the V.A. hospitals not giving good care to veterans but that just isn't so in my case. They gave me a wheel chair, bedside commode, shower chair and cane. They also arranged for the home health folks to visit me. I could have had someone come in and clean the house. I did turn that down because I have a problem with so many people coming and going. I am very thankful for the health care I receive from the V.A.

My primary care provider and I think that the flareup of severe back pain is related to me going back to church after many years of being a heathen and then doing the kneeling thing at church. Now I just sit when everyone else kneels.

I have a bunch of things to show you, some are from before I went in the hospital. Here they are:

Toddler Santa Hat

Bubble Dishcloth (archived copy)

made from scraps

Stocking hat

I also made an afghan and started another afghan. Those are for another time.  

Take care everyone!