19 May 2012

Summer's in the Air

I'm loving the weather we're having right now. It's warm but not hot. The air conditioner doesn't need to be turned on yet and clothes are drying on the line so this month is one of the few that the utility company doesn't get to empty our wallet.

The pool is filling getting ready for us to start cooling off in this summer.


The cucumber plant has buds already. This cucumber plant is a pickle cucumber and it is a bush instead of a vine. Sounded unusual and a bit of a space saver so I decided to try it.


The clematis has grown like crazy and has beautiful purple flowers.


And romance is in the air for Nellie Belle and her stuffed Julio!

Nellie is really cute when she plays with her Julio but she ALWAYS stops as soon as I grab the camera!

That's it for now. Have a great weekend!