06 February 2009

Yarn Creations--Finished and WIPs

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This is a dishcloth I made. I did not use a pattern for this one.

This is another dishcloth I made and I did not use a pattern for this one either.

I am making a hat for myself on my knifty knitter loom. I think the black and green will look nice with my black coat. Green is my favorite color and it complements the black.

At last I am making an afghan for US! I have made numerous round ripple afghans but have given them all away except for one that I plan to put in the spare bedroom. As you can see, I'm using my favorite color, green, in this afghan.

Here are a couple small projects that I have recently completed. I have been a little slow with my round ripple afghan. I love this pattern! I think that the next afghan or baby blanket I make I will have to try something different to break-up the monotony lol! I hope you have enjoyed these pictures. Leave me a comment and any suggestions you might have. Hugs...