Free Round Afghan Crochet Patterns

I am trying to clean up this page by checking links and putting the pattern names down as link names to make it easier for you and me. Also, I plan on alphabatizing. Might take a while but I will keep at it.

For those of you who like to crochet here are some links for round afghan patterns that are free. The posted pictures are examples of some of the ones that I made. The purple one is full-sized and the others are for babies. I used a pattern by Aggie May of To get this pattern you need to become a member and send her a pm requesting it. She is very generous offering this pattern for free.

    Marilee's Round Afghan scroll down the page and you will see it. 

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      1. Which pattern relates to the spider web rug pictured, please?

      2. it is a round ripple afghan pattern that I "tweaked" to make it look like a spider web. Using heavier yarn or doubling up on yarn would make a nice rug. I used a basic round ripple pattern such as Patriotic 7-Point Round Ripple Baby Afghan. I top single crocheted the webbing radiating out from the center. The "circular webbing" I crocheted a single crochet round. I don't recall how many rounds of each color I used. If you make one, I would love to see it.


      What are your thoughts? Your opinions are important to me so if you think I am right on or off my rocker let me know.