17 November 2012

Another Hat & Scarf Set Plus Slippers

I made another hat and scarf set. This time I used some homespun yarn that I got on clearance because the label was missing. I thought it was off-white or cream color but in some lighting it looks more yellow. Guess it will be ok. These are for a Christmas gift.  Here's the set--

  • Hat pattern is here.
  • Scarf pattern is here.
Both patterns are from Lion Brand site and for some reason whenever I make their patterns, my gauge is really off and I have to downsize my hooks. So note to self: Check gauge!

Here are the slippers I made after I said I was finished making slippers for a while. :)

  • Slipper pattern is here
Thanks for stopping in. Y'all are very much appreciated. Hope you're having a great weekend.