07 August 2016

Ripply Lapghan

This is made from a pattern that is one of the freebies you get at stores that sell yarn. I think this one came from Michaels but not totally sure because I stashed my copy somewhere and not sure where. Anyway, I made it approximately square so it was a good size for lapghan. This was fun and easy but I goofed and left the weaving-in-of-the-ends until the end and then it sat for a couple of weeks. I found it more interesting to make a few more dishcloths rather than weave in the ends.

I'm recovering from dental surgery. I had my gums on half of my mouth slit open and the dentist did something or other in hopes of having improved and healthy gums. This was done Thursday and today (Sunday) hubby told me to go look in the mirror. Lo and Behold my face was yellow on one side like an old bruise! Ugh, looks like I was in a fight or something. It's still a bit hard to eat. Everything has to be very small and eaten on one side and I have to use my fork to put the food all the way back on the unoperated on side because there is still swelling and soreness on the other side. Tried spaghetti tonight and that just didn't work. On the positive side, can't eat much maybe I'll lose weight. Until the past several years I avoided dentists because of some fear or something. Postmenopausal and getting low on calcium and having to have 4 root canals, I learned that losing teeth was a bigger fear than going to a dentist. I have even talked to my son that every year when his income tax return comes in would be the time for dental care and  eye exams. Avoiding dental care is one of those things I wish I wouldn't have done in my younger years. So kids, make it a priority to take the best possible care of your teeth.

Have a great week folks!

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