18 March 2016

Free Crochet Ebook

Thought I'd share the link on where to get a free crochet ebook. Be sure to double check the price before you check out because the price is free for a limited time and I have no idea of how long that will be. On some affiliate links I do receive a few pennies if someone purchases something but I since these are free items I just wanted to share the freebies to be nice. Anyway, here we go--


 And here are 2 adult coloring books for free too!



It's always great to get something for free. Hope you enjoy these freebies.



Hubby has been working hard on the bedroom/bathroom redo. Here are a few updated pictures:

 Hard at work cutting in the new paint

Old carpet gone!

Water to the sink

1/2 wall repaired and primed, ready for paint

Bedroom walls painted and carpet tack strips being removed

Okay, I have some crochet projects to show you but unfortunately I haven't anything "different" to show you too. Here we go


This is all I have for now now folks. I am sending happy wishes to all of you.