05 January 2011

Had to Share a Dose of Humor with You!

Here's a little dose of "silliness" to put a smile on your face. Laughter benefits our well-being and health. I know at my age, every giggle helps. Here's my contribution to improving the health of us all:

WIP Wednesday (01-05-2011)


OK Folks, it's a wip Wednesday post! Wish I could say I was cranking out projects left and right but the fact is, I seem to be starting new projects every time I blink! Anyway, here's some of what's going on:

  • I found some old rug yarn as I was surveying my yarn stash to see what I had. I found this pattern to make slippers out of it. I'm thinking of making the top out of Lion Brand Boucle but then maybe it won't wear well? Any ideas anyone 'cause I have a lot of that yarn from when Dollar Tree was carrying it.

  • Still working (albeit not too much) with these squares aiming for a ghan:
Some of you may remember that my mil found a bag of these squares with extra yarn and picked them up for me.

  • As I was supposedly working on my "yarn warehouse" aka spare bedroom/craft room, I found some lighter weight yarn and decided to make a baby cocoon from this book:

And here's the picture of where I'm at with this project:
This seems to be a slow-going project with the lighter weight yarn and smaller hook (F).

I really, really want to organize my yarn but so far my main accomplishment has been to make a bigger mess of it and start more projects out of yarn I'm finding! OK, get it together Sharon, you can do it LOL! 

Have a great day everyone...

Ingenious Idea for a Yarn Winder

For Christmas I received a Boye electric yarn winder. It's ok but the balls it winds are extremely loose and if I try to apply tension to the yarn the machine whines and screams. Anyway, I was wandering through the virtual aisles at Youtube and found this video about adapting an electric mixture and using it for winding yarn. I just might give it a try  :)

Search Amazon.com for yarn winder and swift