30 March 2015

Here's a Bunch More Finished Items

I'm catching up with posting my finished projects. I had a lot of them and I made a few more things. Here we go--

This is a hat made from chunky (aka super bulky) yarn. The pattern is the Nifty Newsboy Hat. My version turned out a little big (I crochet loosely). If I make this hat again, I will use a smaller hook. This pattern is easy and was fast to make.


Here's a neat looking slouch hat. It is the Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy. It is a cute pattern that I found out I had to pay attention to what I was doing and not get wrapped up in the television like I do many times.

These next hats are made from my favorite slouchy hat pattern Rubylene. You can make it slouch more or less by changing the number of shell rows.


Next is a hat I just whipped up because I wanted something easy to make. I left off the pom-pom because I don't like pom-poms for adults. I'm not terribly fond of this design. It's easy but it just seems so skimpy and not a good choice for cold winters. This is the Adult's Easy Crochet Hat.


This is a hat for a gentleman. It is made from the Crochet Seafarer's Cap pattern.This is my favorite hat pattern for men. I believe it is the most manly pattern for a man who likes basic, conservative fashions like my guys do.


This next hat is made from the Woman's Granny Hat pattern. This was a fun, easy pattern to work with. The final row called for a reverse single crochet but I changed that to my own design because I am not coordinated enough to do the reverse single crochet.


I made a Granny Scarf to coordinate with the above hat. Both patterns were designed by Suzette of Suzie's Stuff blog.

The last hat I made is the Elegant Hat designed by Kim Guzman. I like to change out the decoration on the side of this hat when I make one. This is the only pattern I make that turns out small. I usually make it with a larger hook but I forgot to this time so this hat is for a girl instead of a woman. Wish I had my "heads" here to model these hats. In a week I'll be back to my stash and supplies so in the near future new hats will be displayed better.


I'm caught up with posting my finished objects. I don't even have a project on the hook right now. That will change tonight when I sit down to watch  Mike and Molly and 2 Broke Girls.

Take care my friends.


Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (30 March 2015)

Good morning everyone! Last week I got a good deal on Bernat Collegiate Chunky yarn. It was on clearance at Joanns for only $4.97 for a 14 ounce skein. That's a good score but I've been surfing the Internet, for hours, from one end to the other finding out what I can make out of it. I think I have finally found a project. The pattern is for a cute beret reminiscent of Bonnie of the criminal twosome Bonnie and Clyde.

One week from today and hubby and I will be headed back north. It's been a nice and warm winter at our Camp No Mo Sno but it is time to put our shorts away until summer and head back to Kentucky. I will miss our cosy winter get away but I will be happy to see my little family again.


Videos of Bonnie and Clyde

23 March 2015

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (23 March 2015)

I've been noticing ponchos more and more lately. As a matter of fact, it seems like they've been in style for perhaps the last decade or so and are having a spike in popularity lately. There are so many different patterns available to choose from besides the big granny-square looking ponchos that were popular back in the 70s.  Here is a pattern for a beautiful, lacy poncho that I think you will enjoy.


20 March 2015

Still Catching with Posting Finished Projects :)

Here's a scarf that I almost finished a few months ago. My CADD (crochet attention deficeit disorder) kicked in and I didn't get the ends woven in. I should really, really weave ends in as I go along; for some reason I don't heed this lesson. Here's the scarf--

I used a J hook and Homespun yarn to go with the coral/apricot color that I picked up at a thrift store. This scarf is to go along with the slouch hat I finished in December.

I was just surfing around on Amazon and I did an impulse buy. I like the shawl-like patterns that have sleeves and this just might be an interesting book of patterns. Although, I often get excited about a project I want to make and then something in the corner of my eye catches my attention and whatever it was that previously had me all excited becomes forgotten.

This is all for now folks. I have a few more things to post but that's for another day. Take care and I hope you are having a great spring.


18 March 2015

Today's Finished Objects are Mostly Hats

Here are 3 hats made from the same pattern. There is a little bit of slouchiness to these hats. The solid blue one is more slouchy because I made 1 more row of shells in it (10). The other 2 hats I did 9 rows so that I could have every other row a different color with the start and stop rows of shells the same color. Here's the pictures--

Last but not least is a dishcloth that I made from a pattern in the book Dishcloths 11 Crochet Designs. I used the pattern on page 26 called "Shells." This book is one that is carried at Walmart.

This is all for now folks. See you later gators...


17 March 2015

For Your Saint Paddy's Day Pleasure

I was searching for something a little on the educational side to post in honor of St.Patrick. Then, I saw this movie and I decided to post this instead. This is a cute movie and fun viewing for the day.
Enjoy everyone

May there always be work for your hands to do; 
may your purse always hold a coin or two; 
may the sun always shine on your windowpane; 
may a rainbow be certain to follow each rain; 
may the hand of a friend always be near you; 
may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.


16 March 2015

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (16 March 2015)

Here is a pattern for a beautiful scarf to honor those battling breast cancer or survivors of breast cancer. You can change the color for awareness of other diseases such as red for AIDS. Anyway, here's the link.

Thanks for visiting!

It's Raining Slippers

It's raining slippers around here. Nah, but I noticed that many, many of the pictures of Ravelry's completed projects from this pattern were made by me (I'm "boksie"). Am I addicted to this pattern? You betcha! I have it memorized and when I don't know what else to make I make a pair of these. I love them and they've been popular among some of my family and friends. I've even super-duper sized the pattern for big guys. Here's what I have for you--


2. Ladies from left-overs.  I ran out of yellow and had to finish up with more of the gray. I'll keep these for me to wear around the house.

3. Mens

4. Kids--I tried painting different designs with puff paint to make these non-skid.
 A Picasso I ain't. 


I still have a few more things to post but I'll save that for another time. Hope you are having a great day.


15 March 2015

Baby Blanket in Blue

I have a couple baby blankets for girls made for last minute gifts so I decided to make one for a boy. This should be a warm blanket because the stitches are close. I enlarged the original pattern because the blanket would have only been 21" wide. I started with 119 chains vs. 62 and this is pretty much a "regular size" baby blanket. My big complaint with this pattern (and many other patterns) is that it says for the edging to crochet down the sides and not how many stitches to make. So for at the end of one row I put 1 stitch and at the end of the row that has chains I put 2 stitches. Here's a few pictures--

Take care everyone!


14 March 2015

Catching up with Hats Post--

Today's projects that I am sharing with you are some hats that I've made. The first hat is a Santa hat in basic black. This pattern is easy to follow and fun to make. I can make one of these in just a little over 1 evening watching TV. Ladies, most of us like our LBD (little black dress) and Santa likes his LBH (little black hat) for everyday wear. Here's his--

Here are a few Seafarer Caps that I made for one of my sons. The bright yellow one is an attempt to make him more visible when he's at work. He works outdoors and I think that yellow might be good for visibility. I've made this pattern before and the first few times I didn't care for it but then as I got more familiar with the pattern I started liking it. I like the looks of this one because it has a more "manly" look to it than many other crocheted hats.

I still have more little projects to share with you but I will leave them for another day. Take care my friends.--


St. Patrick's Day Green Running Shoes!!!

12 March 2015

I'm Still Here

I'm still around, just haven't been blogging. Have you noticed that many old-time bloggers aren't here any more? That many newer blogs are blatantly commercial? There are some blogs I totally enjoy visiting because they're written by and for REAL people.

Even though I haven't been here lately, I have been working on some small projects. I will be posting them over the next week or so. For today, I will be showing you some dishcloths I've made and the links to the patterns. Here we gooooooo--

This is a scrappy dishcloth that I made for everyday use. I like to minimize waste.

  • Shells in a row dishcloth
  • Bubble dishcloth (sometimes a black box pops up and says something about the owner needing to pay for their blog. Just click the "x" in the corner and you will be able to continue on to the pattern.)

Lodge LCS3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Chef's Skillet, 10-inch