28 March 2010

Old Time Music

Gosh this is an oldie I remember my dad playing when I was a kid.  Just had to share this bit of nostalgia with you.   For some reason I always remember this song.  Maybe because my dad was a trumpet player??   Anyway, to better listen to this go to the column on your right and scroll down to the music player and click on the 2 parallel lines to turn off the blog's music so that you can listen to this music video.

Confusion Over Census

Many people are confused this year about the census.  Some people are confused and think that the census is invading their privacy.  Not true.  There are penalties for census workers even if they get nosy and want to check out celebrities information.  Violators will be prosecuted and receive jail time as a penalty.  The Census Bureau does NOT share information with other organizations including law enforcement.  The information that is on the forms is classified for 72 years and after that it is released to the public.  The only information released prior to that is statistical.

The forms--there is only 1 official form this year.  Of course, if you didn't get a form you  may pick up another but it will not have your address preprinted on it.  There are versions in 6 different languages and there are aids to help with other languages and they all have the same questions.  There is NO long form.  There are only 10 questions for everyone on the official census.  I'm working with the Census Bureau and we went through training on this so I'm not just talking about something I heard about on streets.

Just fill out the forms with out worry as Americans have every 10 years since 1790.  It will help to ensure proper representation in Congress and allocation of federal funds.
Link to Census Bureau