03 June 2015

Lapghan for Charity Finished

A Veteran's nursing home will be opening in our town either late this year or early next year. I've made and put away a few lapghans over the years and I will be donating them when this facility opens.

Today I finished another lapghan. I'm very happy with how it turned out and how the multitude of colors blend so well. To make this, I made solid granny squares. The large squares are 12 rounds and the smaller squares are 4 rounds. I single crochet the squares together (on the right side) and made a round in black of double crochet to give a bit more of a finished look.

Then after looking at it a while, I decided that the edging seemed sort of blah so I added another round of DC in black, 1 round of SC in white and the final round of HDC in black. Now it looks much better.

I took a break from the afghan I was making to make this. I focused on the afghan so much that I faced burn out with it and had to distract myself with something else. Making the squares was just what I needed with the different colors and use of the colors so it wasn't boring and didn't require so much attention to detail.  I have 11 more rows to go on the afghan and I'll share pictures then.

I do have a couple hats I haven't posted pictures of but I'll save that for another day too.

Y'all take care...


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