07 May 2010

A Few Thoughts on Blogging...

I've been thinking about how I blog and post comments to other peoples blogs.  I use a lot of exclamation points  for one thing.  Why do I do that?  I think that I want to people to know that I want to be a little humorous, excited or impressed and not sarcastic or a smartypants.  That's the same reason I type lol or  some version of :).  All these little things seem to be rather "goofy" for lack of a better word coming to mind.

Another thing I often do is go back and edit my posts if I see a misspelled word or lack of an apostrophe to show the possessive version of a word.  I don't care to have folks around the globe think I'm illiterate!!! :) lol!!!

What do you think--is this goofy?!!!