23 December 2014

Green Hat Finished

The other night I finished a hat--

 to go with this scarf--

I decided to not put a flower on the hat. I really, really liked it until I tried it  on. No way could I wear it. It is very, very tight. The brim is too large and obstructs vision although the brim probably could be turned up for a different look. My crochet stitches are loose so I was surprised at the tight fit. This hat will be frogged and become a new project. I do like the looks of this hat and the great way the pattern was written. I may try this hat again with a larger hook and take off a row or 2 on the brim.

It's almost Christmas so I hope everyone has caught up with their holiday chores and are enjoying the season with family and friends.

Hugs to all,

If you were here earlier, you may have noticed a problem with the pictures displaying. I have fixed this now (fingers crossed). Thanks for your patience.--S.