20 November 2016

A "Batch" of Completed Projects--

I have had these projects finished for a couple weeks and have just  now gotten around to taking pictures and posting them. These are for a special person and I don't care if this person reads about them before receiving or not because this person deserves a smile on their face and I hope the anticipation of receiving these things will bring one on. This person has always been special to me and I don't know how to emphasize it enough so I decided to crochet some things. Crocheters know, that when you work on projects for your loved ones, you are infused with love and good thoughts and wishes for that person. I definitely wouldn't spend my evenings for several weeks working on something for someone I didn't care for. Okay, enough rambling on. Here's the pictures and pattern links.

0-980 Carmel by DROPS Design:

Scarf for man made with granite stitch: This yarn isn't quite right for color pooling but the design is unique and I like it.

The yarn I used for these projects (except for slippers) is I Love This Yarn in "Camo" and "Dark Olive."  For the slippers I used 1 strand of the camo and 1 strand of "Lace" by Caron One Pounder. This is all for now. I still have more finished projects to post but I will save those for later.

Bless all,