22 November 2015

A Few More Finished Projects

I recently had some more projects come off my hook. Some of them are things I've made many times before and there is a hat that I made from a new-to-me pattern. Here they are:



This pattern calls for 2 different sizes of hooks. The large hook, I had to downsize 1 hook size. This is an interesting and fun pattern to make. I will try to throw in something different when I show you items made from the same ol' patterns so that the posts here will have some variety. Speaking of something different, here's my new model for crocheted items:

Actually, this is my son. He may be 36, but he'll always be my little boy. ;)

We will be leaving at "oh dark thirty" for Florida Monday morning. We're going to take it more leisurely this trip and stop for the night somewhere in Georgia. Nellie Belle's car seat is in the truck and everything is pretty much packed. Just going to wash the clothes we wore today so there isn't laundry waiting for us next spring.

Later Gator--