07 July 2010

Excitement is Growing!!!

Why am I excited you might be asking yourself???  I'm going to hop on a plane 1 week from today and fly off to the west coast and visit 2 of my great friends!  One friend I haven't seen since high school and we were the class of '75!  The other friend I made in 1980 and I saw her about 5 years ago;  we've been friends and changed diapers on each others' kids and the oldest is 31, going on 32.  I've become quite a bit reclusive the older I get.  I cherish the friends I have more than they can ever know.  I started packing a week ago.  Now I have to go and  weed out extra clothes and make sure that what I've packed matches lol!  Poor dh says he'll miss me and I'll miss him too.  I'll bring him home a souvenir though and come home all happy and less grumpy. 

Hope y'all are having a great week!  I gotta go pack some more--lol!