14 March 2015

Catching up with Hats Post--

Today's projects that I am sharing with you are some hats that I've made. The first hat is a Santa hat in basic black. This pattern is easy to follow and fun to make. I can make one of these in just a little over 1 evening watching TV. Ladies, most of us like our LBD (little black dress) and Santa likes his LBH (little black hat) for everyday wear. Here's his--

Here are a few Seafarer Caps that I made for one of my sons. The bright yellow one is an attempt to make him more visible when he's at work. He works outdoors and I think that yellow might be good for visibility. I've made this pattern before and the first few times I didn't care for it but then as I got more familiar with the pattern I started liking it. I like the looks of this one because it has a more "manly" look to it than many other crocheted hats.

I still have more little projects to share with you but I will leave them for another day. Take care my friends.--


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