26 December 2016

A Couple Hat and Scarf Sets

Didn't want to share these with you until after Christmas. We had a quiet Christmas. Husband, his mom, son #1 and I had Christmas dinner together. Husband did a nice thing for my Christmas. I had lost the diamond in my engagement ring and he had it replaced as well as re-enameling the lettering on my Hawaiian wedding band and a Keurig coffee maker. Back to the subject of crochet, here's a couple hat and scarf sets. One is for a young lady and one is for a gentleman. Here's a look at a few pictures.

I used the Drops Pattern called Broadway with the addition of a flower.

I love the yarn I used to make the red white and blue scarf. It is a Red Heart yarn called Americana. I made this scarf using the granite stitch aka moss stitch so there wasn't a pattern. I know many people use this stitch for color pooling but I haven't had much luck with it but I like the texture of the finished product when using this stitch with most yarns.

This gray hat is what was called a watch cap when I was in the navy. This pattern calls it a seafarers cap. 

This scarf is made the same way as the red, white and blue scarf. In real life, I didn't notice the argyle-like design; looks like I might have had an inadvertent color-pooling success.

This is it for now. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.