11 April 2011

Spring Things...

I love spring--warmer weather, sunny skies and beautiful flowers. Here is a climbing rose bush that will replace one that didn't make it through the winter. We're going to plant it in the backyard.

And here is dh sweeping out the garage like a good husband. He's doing having done some construction work there. When he's the work is done, the garage will be insulated and have drywall on the ceiling and walls.

Here is one planter that I put some wave petunias in; I have 3 identical planters sitting on the edge of the porch.  I fell in love with the yellow petunias and grabbed them quick at WalMart because only a few were left. I'm looking forward to enjoying them when they're filled out and full of blooms. I hope we don't have another freeze.

Hoping everyone had a great weekend and that your week is nice too. Hugs... S