22 December 2011

Christmas Presents of Childhood

Once again I was taking a gander at some videos on youtube. This time I was looking for commercials that grabbed my attention as a little girl. I liked creepy crawlers but that was a present my little brother got. He did make me some glow in the dark "bugs" that I played with in bed after we had lights off. What fun, innocent days those were! Amazingly, there is an updated version available.

Here's the commercial that some of you may remember:

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I'm Pretty Happy With My Christmas Present

Santa decided to let me in on my Christmas present early. DH and I decided to get a joint present this year for our home. We had gotten rid of our old dining room set because it took up too much room (it was a large booth-type). DH had found a set in a Sears sales paper. I told him I wasn't too thrilled with the cheap-looking thing it so he told me to see what I could find. For just a few dollars more, I found a nice set with 6 chairs reduced by almost $900 at Penneys! We won't get it until the day after Christmas and that's ok. Here's a picture of it that I snagged from their site:


Sorry for the poor quality of the picture. When I "snagged" it, I could only get the smaller view so when I put it here, it looks kind of bad. :)

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