27 February 2013

Scarf from Left-Over Homespun

I hate to waste yarn. I sometimes make afghans out of scraps and little mats for my Opi and Nelle Belle to stay warm with on the cold floors in the winter. This time, I had some small bits of Homespun to use up and I decided to make a scarf out of it. The pattern I used was designed for ww yarn but by making fewer chains to start with I think it turned out pretty nice. I changed the hook size to "L."

Hope y'all are having a wonderful week!

26 February 2013

Two on Tuesday (26 February 2013)

 I love the ocean. I enjoy watching the waves and feel peace and serenity when I am able to see it. Here's a picture I took on my vacation from the Cabrillo National Monument site.


A friend of mine recently lost his father; this made me realize how temporary our loved ones are. To all my loved ones, you are very much appreciated and cherished. Our life on earth is temporary but when one of us passes, it is only a matter of time before we are reunited.

Today, I'm heading out to the dentist again. This time it's just for a cleaning. Back later....

Bless all of you my family and friends.

More Things for Our Dogs

25 February 2013

Looky Here!

A friend of my mil's gave here some yarn odds and ends to give me. No full skeins just some odds and ends to maybe use in granny squares and a couple pieces of plastic canvas that will be nice to use in the brims of newsboy caps that I've wanted to try. The next day mil brought over a giant ball (girth 26.5 inches) of this beautiful metallic gold yarn from her friend! You can see how big it is by looking at the soda can next to it.

This yarn is probably a sport or baby weight yarn. I was thinking that it would be very nice in a shawl. Do you think there is enough? Any pattern suggestions or other ideas of what to do with it?

Wishing you all a wonderful week.


Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (25 February 2013)

In keeping with the season, here is a cute pattern for St. Patrick's Day. You can use this sweet leprechaun as a decoration or perhaps as a doll for a youngster.


24 February 2013

Quick Post

I just saw this and had to share it with you. Enjoy!

My Vacation Project

I didn't do too much crocheting on vacation except for weaving in loose ends on some slippers I was gifting and making a few dishcloths at a friend's house and on the plane. Here's the dishcloths I finished--

The yarn I used is I Love this Cotton! from Hobby Lobby. This pattern is my favorite for dishcloths and it's a go-to pattern when I just need something quick and easy. Dishcloths are always a welcome gift for just about anyone so it isn't too easy to keep a stockpile of them in the gift drawer. 

Now that I'm home, I'm finding it hard to get into a project. I have 3 afghans started that are languishing away in my "yarn warehouse" room. I need to get my crochet mojo back because I have promised to make an afghan for a friend. I think I'll just see which one I have the most work done on and finish that one for my friend.

Take care everyone!


23 February 2013

Found a Great Yarn Shop

Hi everyone, I'm back from my vacation visiting friends in California. When I was at my friend's in Hemet, CA, I found a great yarn shop--Lazy Daisy. I decided to treat myself to a couple things of yarn that weren't Red Heart Super Saver. "Nice" yarn is a bit pricier so that's why I only picked up 2. It was a Saturday afternoon and we called the shop only to find out that they closed in about 10 minutes. The nice lady at the shop said she'd stay open a little bit later if we were coming right away. We hopped in the car and hurried to the shop. Becky was the very nice and helpful lady who stayed late and helped me with my selections. Here she is and a glimpse of the shop. Thank you very much Becky for your kindness and help.

 Store information:
Lazy Daisy
2127 E. Florida Ave.
Hemet, CA 92544

Here's what I bought--

It's great to be home and I hope to catch up with my blog reading soon!

Hugs, Sharon

11 February 2013

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (11 February 2013)

Here is a pattern that is for egg cozies for your boiled eggs or maybe to use with your Easter eggs for a decorative touch. Easter this year is on the 31st of March so you still have time to make these before the big day.

I'll be flying home next Monday so I need to find another interesting pattern for next week.

Hugs, Sharon

Children's Easter Books

05 February 2013

Two on Tuesday (05 February 2013)

1.  Appreciate having friends that are in reality, more like family should be than friends.

2.  It's great having a spouse who is secure enough that he doesn't complain when I go to visit friends for 2 weeks and is able to hold down the fort with Opi and Nellie Belle as backup.


Later 'Gator

04 February 2013

A Throw for Another Friend

I made a throw for another friend out of a ginormous solid granny square. These are the colors of her favorite football team--the Vikings!

I have this post scheduled to go online a few days after writing it so that by the time you see this, she will have it!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful week.

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (04 February 2013)

I had set up today's post ahead of time and scheduled its posting for today because by the time you read this, I will either be in the air or in California visiting my friends. For the past 3 years, my friends have flown me to California from Kentucky to visit. They are very generous and fun friends to have. One of them I went to high school with back in the wild and crazy 1970s. We lost track of each other but reconnected about 11 years ago. Amazing with that many years passing, when we reconnected it was just like we had seen each other a couple weeks ago!

I got off topic here before I even got on topic! Here's the link for today's free pattern. It's a granny hexagon baby blanket. I love the "roundish" afghans and blankets and this one is very special because it has a granny-look to it too. I hope you enjoy it.


This is a pattern to use on a kindle:

More Granny Patterns

03 February 2013

Going Visiting

Tomorrow morning, I'll be hopping on a jet plane to visit some dear friends in California. I'm so excited to go. I know many folks don't care for California, but I've lived there several times when I was in the US Navy and it's more like home to me than any place I've ever lived. I may be gone, but I have a few posts scheduled to appear here during the 2 weeks I'm gone. I may get a chance to do a posting or 2-- you never know. Y'all have a wonderful time and stay warm in this crazy weather we're having!