13 December 2010

Woodland Scarf Finished

I recently finished this Woodland scarf. I had gotten the pattern off the Internet a few years ago. I had made this once before but there isn't a picture on the pattern I saved. Hmmm, thought it did. Anyway, the pattern I have does contain a source that the pattern came from and it is Columbia Minerva Learn to Crochet book, 1976You start out by making a square and then crochet a "ripple" down 2 of the corners. You can see what I mean from the pictures. I really like this pattern except that the edges tend to curl a tad bit but I did a bit of smoothing with my fingers and it seems to work. This is a completed Christmas present.

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Hat for Little Girl

When I crocheted this hat, I thought it was for an adult. I tried it on and whoa was it small! I used the pattern that I posted earlier this morning. I really like that pattern so I'm going to try and find a similar one in a grownup size. The pattern is fairly quick and very, very easy. I have tucked this hat away and maybe I'll review the copyright and see if I can sell it or maybe I'll just stash it for a future gift. Y'all have a wonderful week.

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern 13 Dec. 2010

Here's a sweet looking hat to keep warm with this winter. Wishing y'all a wonderful week...